Big River Management

This morning I found a little known logging road in East Greenwich, RI — Its is part of the Big River Management area and to get to it, you need to drive through a narrow, dirt lane which is rough and abandoned. At the end of the lane is a circle where I parked my car. Beyond it, a single path meanders through the woods. This park is rather big and it is wrapped around both sides of US-95 in the state of Rhode Island. Since we moved up here in early June, I have been exploring all the walking trails and trying to learn the story behind the story.

I walked for about 2.5 miles and came to a road that leads out of the park. Checking Google maps, I found  way to get back to my car using the road and a side trail that led back to the original trail.  The trip took me about  2 hours as I stopped to admire the forest and take pictures of my trip. I suppose this is mt way of communing with nature and really seeing nature through my minds eye. I also took several detours to follow side trails and see where they led. Finally, I was rewarded

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