Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge – That’s a mouthfull, isn’t it? Well the title is well deserved. It is wild and it is tucked away with np signs pointing that it is arefuge from civilization. I was walking this refuge this morning and first, I couldn’t find it on the maps. Two, when I found the road to it, I found it impassable and risky. I had to park the car at the crossroads and walk to the entrace about a mile in. The road I walked on was a dirt road and it went downhill sharply for about a mile. Read more about Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Border Town

Mission, TX – Mexico Border Town

Tour boat
Tour boat at the Rio Grande – US-Mexico border

We had a nice weekend outing to the US-Mexico border this weekend.
Since McAllen is a border town and lies close to the Rio Grande, all it takes is about 15 mins to get to the border. We were looking for a ghost chapel in the tow n of Las Lomitas and we happened upon this border area that had a park and a shore on the Rio Grande. Read more about Border Town

Quinta Mazatlan

Quinta Mazatlan is a bird sanctuary outside McAllen, TX that has several trails and a setting where birds in the wild are being protected for future generations. I particularly liked walking the trails and observing the birds in the trees and  meadows where they feed. I also liked the old mansion where the National Park Service has its office.

Read more about Quinta Mazatlan