Border Town

Mission, TX – Mexico Border Town

Tour boat
Tour boat at the Rio Grande – US-Mexico border

We had a nice weekend outing to the US-Mexico border this weekend.
Since McAllen is a border town and lies close to the Rio Grande, all it takes is about 15 mins to get to the border. We were looking for a ghost chapel in the tow n of Las Lomitas and we happened upon this border area that had a park and a shore on the Rio Grande. Read more about Border Town


IMG_2790Why did I start Hiking?

When I turned 59 years old, I took stock of my life and promised myself, I would change it. I was way overweight, had a sedentary way of life, was eating too much, and out of shape. A prime candidate for medical problems and an early grave. My health was beginning to to deteriorate and my doctor kept on nagging me to exercise every time I visited him. Read more about Hiking