Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge

Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge – That’s a mouthfull, isn’t it? Well the title is well deserved. It is wild and it is tucked away with np signs pointing that it is arefuge from civilization. I was walking this refuge this morning and first, I couldn’t find it on the maps. Two, when I found the road to it, I found it impassable and risky. I had to park the car at the crossroads and walk to the entrace about a mile in. The road I walked on was a dirt road and it went downhill sharply for about a mile.

After I found the entrance to the sanctuary, it was a great walk of about 2.5 miles across woods, a pond, bird watching posts,an old cenetery in the middle of a field of grass. Its registered in the state and it had about 50 grave stones. What was inetersting is to see the smaller grave stones are for small children. There were quite a few small ones which means the infant mortality rate was very high in the 1800’s.

I had aquite a lot of things to see and I took my time to snap a few pictures as I went along. However, it was a true sanctuary as I did not see another single soul in the sanctuary or the road back to my car. It made it the best part of the hiking to have the whole woods to myself for the entire time I was there. I highly recommend it.

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